Million Dollar Chocolate Bars & Drugs... Why Daniel Allen Cohen Is At The Top of Everyone's Collectors List


Daniel Allen Cohen who also goes by the IG moniker @thisisaddictive is at the top of the collector's list for 2018. I watched as people swarmed the Evan Lurie Gallery collections at Scope Miami to inquire about the genius "Periodic Table Set" that uses drugs as the element. The pieces contain example drug facts along with non- factual information like Marijuana (Mj) side effect: naps on your couch, while  Xanax (Xa) lists active ingredients such as Methylamine 800mg of Breaking Bad and 200mg of What Happened?!  Each 19x19x3 frame uses laser cut acrylic letters and numbers showcasing real or fake drugs on printed aluminum.  And to think people say you can get high off of ART?!!

What comes after drugs?  Why chocolate of course!  I am lusting after an item from the "Precious Bar" Series that at this point are pretty much sold out. The bars combined both real and fake cash coated in chocolate brown resin with custom-made plastic wrappers, boasting names such as "Hundred's Million Dollar Bar" and "Net Worth Million Dollar Bar" playing off of the original Hersey and Nestle Crunch bars that we grew up on.  You do not want to miss out on a sweet treat from this series.  Click here to shop available artwork.